Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Model of the moment!

I'm always interested to find new models, i love seeing all the different types of models--tall, gangly, and edgy, or slim, bronzed, american beauty. Last night my roomate and I were watching the Rachel Zoe Project finale and Rache was styling a Bardot inspired fashion shoot. I was stunned wiht how gorgeous the model was. After a frustrating search of the web, i finally came across her--Gina Lapina. She's mysterious for a blonde, thin and pale, and a shade of mystery lingering in her eyes. This was the spread that was featured on the show it's called Love Number 4. At the bottom are some photos of Brigitte Bardot, whom i LOVE! Although i think they did a great job at capturing Bardot's beauty, i think that Georgia Jagger looks more like Bardot than Lapina. What do you think!?