Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fave spots in in NYC

Shopping on lower broadway is great because there's hundreds of stores that stretch for miles. The further up you go the stores start to repeat, so if you dont find something at your fave store, wait a few blocks and there will be another one!

Pinkberry is a frozen yogurt shop with an endless rray of delicious toppings to choose from--fruit, cereal, sweets, you name it, they've got it! It's the perfect save for a hot day in the city!

If you're into fashion or the arts like me, you'll love the Museum of Modern Art. They always have really great exhibits going including both displays and film. My favorit exhibit of all time was Model as Muse, which displayed a chronological history of fashion through the decades, including the models, photographers, and collections!

Who doesn't love them some barbeque! My fave is the steak and cornbread! FYI, do not mix with tequila!

Dojo's is quite possible my fave place to eat of to the sushi place below that is. They have the most incredible house dressing for their salad, and their pasta is my fave!

Sushi is definitely my favorite food of all time, and the sushi lounge is very affordable and has a great variety. I go here everyitme I have sushi!

The chelsea piers are beautiful. The gardens and flowers are lovely in the summer time, and ultimately just a pretty and relaxing place to go in the summer time.

Central park is amazing because it offers a much needed escape from the land of cement! In the summer I love to jsut layout on the big lawn and enjoy the views and soak in the rays!

The Bleecker street Bar: My boyfriend and I went with our friend Diamond here and we had a blast, they have pool tables and a photobooth in the back which make for great drunken fun!

UNION SQUARE! This was my first hangout spot! Day or night, there is always something happening here. During the day they have farmer's markets and artists of all kinds displaying their work. At night there is a lot of people jsut hanging out or skateing. A great place to meet people or sure!