Wednesday, January 26, 2011

People I admire or inspire me

Kelly Cutrone- She may be known as an Ice Queen, but she's a headstrong, no bullshit, business woman. She's responsible for half the fashion shows we see, and has built up her business People's Revolution, from scratch! Her book was so inspiring and motivating, and provided such invaluable information for anyone looking to make it in a tough industry!

Sylvia Plath-Great writer, I love the dark undertone of her literature.

It may be cliche, but marilyn was such a sex symbol, but i always felt as if there was so much to her that went unnoticed or just unsaid. She had a sad persoanl life and never seemed completely happy.

I have ALWAYS loved "Jenny" since the beginning of Friends. She's so down to earth, and funny, and wholesome! I've read that fans who have met her or people who have worked for her, that she is the most kind-hearted and genuine person!

I am inspired and admire Harvey Milk because the relentless efforts he made to bring equality to the Gay community.

I Love the kind of shameless humor Goldie Hawn has. She's stunning but never takes herself too seriously, and I love all her older movies! There isn't enough movie stars as down to earth anymore.

Oh Gisele! If God ade any one masterpiece, she owuld be it! I always wanted to be a model, and as sad as it is, when im on the treadmill i jsut think of her bod haha! But i admire her because of all the advocacy work she has done to save the rainforest (she is from Brazil) and the charity work she does is extensive.

Gia- Angelina Jolie won an oscar for playing her in a movie, which I loved. I love Gia because she was the first supermodel that revolutionized the modeling industry. SHe was a punk rock girl with zero class and a lot of attitude to go with it, but her hard attitude made her who she was. Sadly, she was the first known female to die of aids, back when people were jsut finding out about the disease. In this cover she was sitting on her hands and hiding her ars because they were so badly covered in track marks and gaping holes form shooting up :(

Edie Sedgewick-She was the Factory Girl, and Andy Warhol's muse, who he essentially destroyed. She was an heiress with a less than loving or positive upbringing. She was a fashion icon of the 60's and there's no one like her!

Clint! Timeless beauty, and such a versatile actor wwith incredible capacity!

I love Every single movie Audrey has been in, but what is crazy, is that she was always told she was too ugly to be a star! Audrey showed the public that you can be both sexy and classy!

I'm not really sure this one even needs an explanation. basically Tupac and a powerful mind and was infamous for his controvercial music and remarks. His poetry and music had a powerful message that a lot of people couldnt handle, or they jsut didn't take the time to understnad or to listen.
Salvadore Dali was an artist of surrealism. His pieces are jsut as complex and extravagant as his mind was! He is actually frozen under a cement monument at his museum in Spain! "There is a fine line between genious and insanity...I dance upon that line!"