Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A wish list without clothes or shoes...say what!?!

I always enjoy looking at blogs or youtube channels where people have haul videos or entries about the latest items they are fawning over, so I thought I'd make a little list of the things I want to acquire over the next few months! I always buy shoes and clothes, so I'm making an effort to actually get the things I want but put off. Luckily, for Christmas i got a lot of items that i have wanted rather than clothes for once, so this is just a few leftovers be had!

NIKON L110! I've always love photography of any kind, and it's really obnoxious when my camera fails to capture the image in it's natural quality. It always comes out far less beautiful than in real life. I figured this would be a good beginners camera, plus it's not the $800 one that just came out! My goal is to start taking really great fashion pics for blogging--scenic backgrounds, outfit pics, more professional looking ones!

Richard Avedon! Ahhh, he is to fashion photography what Rolling Stones are to Rock and Roll. He has photographed some of the most stunning and iconic models throughout the history of fashion, and spilling over the pages of this must have book are these photographs and iconic images he so perfectly captured. This book is probably at the top of my list!

Vogue is the Queen Elizebeth of fashion magazines, and throughout the decades has been responsible for the skyrocketing careers of many supermodels, I love this book because it has an excitingly large collection of rare face shots and portraits of supermodels before, during, and after, their rise and success.

I saw this exhibit at the MOMA and it was the greatest exhibit i've ever seen by far. Every fashion photographer and/or designer has their muse, and this kind of relationship is iteresting to me, and how it changes as well.

Another collection of iconic images and portraits throughout the decades.

I LOVE old movies, they're classics! I have the fondest memories of being at my aunt's house (practically my grandma) and she had an entire room stocked with "picture shows" as she would call them, and we would watch one right after the other...all while she was bringing out treat after treat to eat! It was always so hard to leave, "just one more picture!?" she would say. So I will always think of her when i wathc these classic movies. These particular ones are my favorite!

To me, everything in life can be realted back to SATC, and every episode is like food for the soul--soo relatable, inspireing, and helpful!

I used to watch an episode a day of friends and i laugh hysterically everytime! the perfect cheer up to any bad day!

Nars has the best pigmented blushes, they go on so smooth, and the colors are so soft and natural!

Orange is everywhere right now, and will def be all the rage this summer! I love bright lips, and i like these outrageous shades, especially because they are matte!

I love Coastal Scents palletes, they are inexpensive and last forever! I have been wanting more matte shades to blend with the shimmer 88 pallette i already have. The first pallette below is the metal mania one, and the one below is the 88 warm pallete.