Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Best friends, Fashion, and NYC

If someone were to ask me what I couldn't live without, I would have to say: friends, family, music, fashion, and NYC. These photos literally make me glow with happiness, and they are not even my photos or memories. I love seeing two best friends completely and utterly comfortable together and just true unconditional and genuine best friends, no fake bullshit! As for the NYC, my heart beats for this place...everything you could ever want out of life can be obtained here. Yeah, it's dirty, the people are rude, but you know what that's life. HTe people here are tough and you grow a thick skin, and above all else you will gain the most invaluable experience and learn the most important lessons that will get you farther in life than you ever could have dreamed! The bet part is, anything and everything you have always wanted to do or try but never have, is right at your fingertips. Anything is possible. I love these photos because they remind me of the amazing times and memories i have had with my friends on the streets of New York. I'm growing more attached to the idea that I may never leave this city once i gain permanent residence!