Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shoe LOVE on the realness!

I like them high, I like them chunky, I like them wedged, I like them platformed, studded, lace up, buckled, or strappy--ANY way will do! When it comes to money I always think in terms of shoes, when weighing my options; for example, $150 on groceries? PSSHHHH that's like five pairs of forever 21 shoes or one or two pairs of expensive shoes. The point is--shoes will win every time, over any purchase! Starving, or being naked, all is withstand-able if I have hot shoes. Okay, so you get the point...anyway, these are my obsessions and MUST haves for this summer! Solestruck is my drool inducing, stalling when I'm supposed to be doing homework, go to website to look at shoes. They have a bunch of different brands and designers to choose from, and these are the ones that I'm currently loving. I do have a birthday in June, plus the holidays between now and then would make for perfectly suitable occasions to gift me one of these lovely items ;) JUST putting it out there!