Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Ice Queen And Her Court

The show notes for this collection described it as "heritage silhouettes" which is fitting because this is not some designer trying to capture the essence and aesthetic that was McQueen, this is Sarah Burton carrying over and aesthetic that was passed down and inherited...perhaps in her blood. Whatever the case, this collection is beautiful in a strong, powerful sort of way. The gowns are soft and flowy, but the leather straps, studs, and feathers, add a sense of indestruction or fierceness that offsets the traditional "pretty gown" idea. Some of the other looks have elements about them that seem gothic or medieval combined with some sense of femininity. Soft or shredded fabric strapped down with harnesses portray a nice juxtaposition, and the hard structured silhouettes that are all black with washed out makeup and sky high heels, scream fierce power.