Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Cobra Snake

Recently, i came across this amazing online store ( called The Cobra Snake. the clothing and accessories at this store are straight up vintage 90's--some good and some bad! Do you ever come across a really old picture of yourself and think "Oh my god wht was I wearing, i can't believe that was in style!" Well, this site has some old trends that I can actually remember wearing when i was younger--windbreaker suits, mickey mouse, hammer pants, right color blocked shirts, etc. Strangely though it all looks really cool the wy the models are wearing everyhitng, and I like how the photos are taken, very random and quirky. Anywho, My frined Brittany and I are OBSESSED with aliens ever since we saw Katy Perry's E.T video, and so naturally we fell in lvoe with thse cobra snake alien tees! I also LOVE the huge circle sunglasses, I want them with gold rims!