Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Free Flowing

I guess the warm sunny weather and the slower pace of summer always seems to bring about the flowy and bohemian trends for summer fashion, but this season it seems to have taken over completely, and with a new twist. Before this summer's fashion trends colored the pages of every fashion magazine from Nylon to Vogue, I used to think bohemian mean flowy dresses and skirts, a minimalist look or anything floral even. But this summer it had broadened its capacity to large floppy hats, knit and leather satchels, loads of jewelry in tarnished silver, brass and gold. Oh, and lots of turquoise of course. It has become less minimal but still remaining earthy in that all the layering and piled on antique looking jewelry gives off this look of something earthy but tough. Fringe, lace, thin or chunky knits, frayed edges, faded colors and fabrics, denim, cotton, all is fair game with this trend.