Sunday, May 8, 2011

Goodbyes & Graduation

I have never really gotten too personal on here before, especially since facebook speaks pretty loudly for me, but I wanna be REAL on here. I am graduating college in 6 days and feeling a world of emotions right now. It seems the best people come into my life just before I have to say goodbye, and it's really sad and hard to deal with. I have had the best semester in all four years, and have made the most insane memories with an amazing group of girls and I know (brit, brit, shana, and lauren) i'll never forget any of you or the times that we had! I would also like to give a shout out to Cody Foster (sadistik) for being an amazing friend and listening to my crying and ranting on countless occasions and always being there and knowing exactly what to say. It's sad when I think of how much i care about people I may never see again. I know people always say "oh well we will visit." or "you'll see me again." But the truth is once we graduate we're all going in different directions and starting new lives, its just hard to expect things to be the same. In the past four years i have changed drastically from the person I was as a freshman--I've made countess mistakes, had the most unsafe, illegal, spontaneous, once in a lifetime kind of experiences, made connections and friendships I'll never forget, loved, hated, deceived, betrayed, hurt, cried---you name it! I wouldnt take back any of the emotions, experiences, and mistakes that I have endured because all of it has honestly made me who I am and I have learned so much here. I am ready for the next chapter of my life, and wherever that leads me I just want to be happy and successful!