Friday, June 10, 2011

Birthday Wish List!

Short and sweet, so it shouldn't be too hard to tackle! ;) I have read and fell in love with each and every Chelsea handler book and laughed uncontrollably with each page, so I really cannot wait to dive into the latest one! Kelly Cutrone, my role model and the most intelligent go getter in the fashion world, if you ask me, wrote an amazing first book- If You Have To Cry Go Outside and it had invaluable advice for anyone looking to start a career and survive in any industry really. I know this second book will be even more helpful and it came at a perfect time, as I am about to head off to the city myself! Now, the Betsey johnson gold watch is on sale for...get this....32 motherfucking dollars!!!! UNHEARD of I know, so obvi I have to snatch that. Jeffrey Campbell black leather Litas with the dark brown sole, not to be confused with any other variation, is also a returning item to the list. ( people keep failing to check this one off! )