Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Future Love

I'm casting a spell for you, future boyfriend.  We will be everything eachother ever needed and everything we ever lacked in past relationships.  You will be tall, artistic, passionate, and most importantly you will see through me like glass--I mean reaaallly know me,  like no one ever has before or ever will, and I will know you the same way.  We will be two halves to a passionate and electrifying whole.  We'll run wild through life together, learning, exploring, changing, and growing.  The eyes I stare into before falling asleep and the arms I wake up in each and every morning.  And the bad times will come, and we'll yell and fight, and feel that sickness rise up from our guts because we'll know that this is what we live for--the explosive uncontrollable passion that consumes us, good or bad.  

Future boyfriend, our paths will cross someday soon, perhaps in places we least expected, or maybe in one of those familiar places we walk by or visit every day.  I am waiting for this day.