Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bye, Bye, First Love

New York City, even the name sounds larger than life when said aloud, and that it is.  The skyscrapers that line the streets of Manhattan and illuminate the sky, the hustle and bustle, the celebrities, and the fashion--these things paint a larger than life picture of New York as being like Alicia Keys sang- “A concrete jungle where dreams are made of.” I have always felt this way, as if making it in New York would be the ultimate dream and lifestyle, or perhaps I had watched one too many episodes of Sex And The City. Whatever the case, dozens of movies and television shows had planted ideas in my head about what it meant to be a New Yorker and what that life would be like, and I soon found out that at times, it could be more than I could take. 
I’m sure it’s different for everyone, but unfortunately, I wasn’t equipped with a tight knit group of close friends like Samantha, Charlotte, or Miranda, and it can be hard to make friends that are genuine in a city where everyone’s priorities are a bit superficial.  I mean lets face it, the fast paced lifestyle that never slows down makes it dangerously easy to lose your head and get caught up in partying at trendy clubs with endless celebrity appearances, and fabulous people offering you things you can’t refuse, all for the sake of networking.  The thing about New York is that it’s a rat race to the top.  People are all about what’s in it for them, and in a lot of situations it’s a judgment call—how far are you really willing to go?  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the dangerous city outsiders think it is; but even so, it’s a place that forces you to grow up fast..  And personally, the sense of independence living and surviving in New York gives you, is one of my favorite aspects. 
It’s the fourth most populated city in the world, and at times, can really be the loneliest.  For me, I found that the loneliness helped me mature more and focus on myself and what I wanted out of life and what makes me happy—all things I had previously neglected for far too long.  Most times, I walked the bustling streets by myself, sat in Union Square and people watched, rode the trains while clinging to my ipod (as everyone here does), all the while just taking in my surroundings.  Only in New York could one be so amused by what others are doing, I mean come on, it’s no secret some of the worlds craziest people reside here…on the streets mostly!  People can behave in the most obscene and outlandish ways in broad daylight, or even in a crowded subway trains, and no one would even blink or think twice.  It is the most diverse city in every sense of the word.  And the best part is, people accept it.
People come here from all over the world to take in the sights—The Empire state building, Time Square, Central Park.  These places are iconic and it is quite surreal when you find yourself settled right in the middle of it—a place that’s becomes so routine to you yet it is a place people dream of living and being a part of.   It felt good to have been a local, to have been part of something so big and so sought after.  To be so blas√© about it felt cool and comforting, it’s how I knew two things—I not only concurred the venture of being a New Yorker, but also, that it was time for the next adventure.  I must admit, everytime I watch Sex and The City, Breakfast at Tiffany’s or hear Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ sing every New Yorkers anthem—Empire State Of Mind, a little piece of me will ache.  It’s that tad bit of a sad nostalgic feeling you get in your gut when you are reminded of something so close to your heart.  But, no matter where I go, I’ll always be a New Yorker, and as any New Yorker will tell you--it’s the best city in the world. 

Goodbye for now baby…

Washington Square Park 

Washington Square Park 

Bye Bye Home :(

Williamsburg Bridge I will miss walking you!

Random View From Sky Room night club

My Work (Kiss&Fly night club)

Drinks at Dallas BBQ

I will miss Shabu Shabu!

Too many ridiculous times at Union Square

Talking to strangers out fornt on my last night...

Bye Home

Last View of NYC

SPent lots of time at this B&N

My subway Stop

Central Park

Sky Room

Sky Room

Lastly, I would like to recommend some must see places to party and eat if any of you ever visit! 

To Eat:
Dojo's (soho)
Dallas BBQ (best texas sized drinks ever!) (several locations)
Jekyll & Hyde (mid-town)
Rumphool (thai) (Queens, 7 train to 61st Woodside)
Pinkberry (several locations)
Insomnia Cookies (east village)
The Sushi Lounge (east village, St. Marks Place) 
Cafe Mogador (st. Marks Place)
Spice (st. Marks Place)

Highline Ballroom
Sky Room
Hudson Terrace
1 Oak

Honestly, any bar in the east village, especially St. Marks place.
Williamsburg Brooklyn has some sick bars too, all are equally great.  Also, some really great happy hour deals!