Sunday, November 27, 2011

I stumbled Upon This...

I'm always on the prowl for inspiration, whether it's music, style, blogs, or books.  After a week long dry spell, I stumbled upon this lovely blog, or blogger I should say, because it is her style I love!  You should definitely check her out here! I wish there was an "About Me" section on her site that told who she was or what she does, but anyhow; her style is so chic and girly--which don't typically go together.  It's sort of a Victoria Beckham meets a dressier version of Sienna Miller.  I love the bazillion layers of shirts and flannels and heavy jewelry.  I'm not sure how comfortable looks like this would be since it's a lot of clothing, but for fuck's sake it's fashion. (not something  known to provide consistent comfortability.)

P.S I LOVE these red Hunter rain boots!