Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gucci Spring 2013 RTW

Since I blog about fashion for a living, I have not had the opportunity to carry over my excitement to my own personal blog. This Gucci collection was one of the first I had seen from this season's Milan fashion week, and I absolutely loved how 60's mod it was! Many of these looks remind me of something Faye Dunaway or Jane Fonda would have worn. The pant suits with waist belts and oversized lapels make for a sleek and polished look that MUST make a comeback this season. The large broaches and dramatic silhouettes are another nod to the 60's, when fashion and art were under a major sexual revolution! Overall, this is definitely a more colorful and vibrant collection than I usually like, but it is also reminiscent of my favorite decade so it gets a pass!