Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday's Face Candy

Who doesn't love looking at a pretty face, right? Like much of the world, Cara Delvingne has captured my attention recently with those bushy brows arching over large baby blues, who can resist?! So, like with anyone I instantly become obsessed with, I follow them on instagram and begin my stalking! Her silly faces and playful attitude has rendered her as one of the most relatable models in a long time...that is if anyone can ever really relate to a 5'10, 24 inch waist, supermodel. Still, there is definitely a unique quality to her atypical behavior; people seem to love the fact that she refuses to take herself too seriously in a world that she herself calls "vain" and "silly." I love a beautiful girl that behaves as if she weren't the prettiest thing in the room! So, I encourage you to scroll through, google, stalk, and trust me, you will fall in love with her too!

P.S. This supermodel eats McDonalds!