Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gifts For Her

The holidays have quickly arrived, and for those of you who are last minute shoppers, or like to avoid the insanity of shopping malls, knowing what you need to get will save you loads of time and stress. Women, whether it is your wife, girlfriend, or friend, are not as difficult to shop for as one would think. I cannot speak for every girl, but most love anything feminine: candles, perfume, etc. Candles are a great gift, as they are relaxing and smell terrific. (Again, girls love yummy scents!) Perfume is also a great gift for the same reason. Throw in a sexy but functional satin robe to compliment the candles and perfume. Trust me, she will think of you each morning as she gets ready in her soft robe and spritzes on a dab of her favorite scent you bought her! 
A stylish and warm jacket with leather boots make for an excellent gift that is sure to get plenty of use as the cold weather sets in. Menswear jackets like the one below are super on trend this season and can really work with a plethora of different styles and looks. The same goes for a pair of leather boots...and what girl does not love shoes!? Now, to get a little more romantic, tickets to a show, play, or concert, are a thoughtful way to suggest an intimate date night for you and your significant other. A reservation for a couples massage or a spa day for her is also a sure way to remain on her good side for at least the entire month!