Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Farewell 2012!

Like most years, 2012 and I have had our fair share of ups and downs, but with the shiny new positivity that 2013 has brought me, I'd like to say there were mostly ups! I included my favorite albums/artists, and favorite moments. I would have included movies, as I couldn't live without them, but all the mainstream movies I saw this year were good, not great. I have; however, seen a lot of movies this past year that came out quite a while ago. So, with that said, here are my 2012 favorites! 

I have been obsessed with A$AP for just about the entire 365 days of 2012...most likely this year will follow suit! 

Everyone has their summertime anthem, and this whole album served as the perfect soundtrack to my summer of 2012. Each beat seemed to ebb and flow with my aura! Yeah, I said that!

Like most of the world, I too fell in love with Miss Lana. She is the epitome of what every girl either sees herself as, or aspires to be...young, wild, and free!

I first heard of Kendrick back in 2011 when Hiipower came out, but this past year was really when I became a solid fan. Good Kid, M.A.A.D City is probably my favorite rap album of 2012!

Purity Ring's Shrines, is nearly a perfect album from beginning to end. It has a similar sound to the Beach House record, very summery!

The sunset on Cannon Beach, an amazing end of summer trip with my boyfriend's family whom I absolutley love!

A beautiful day of hiking somewhere west of Seattle. I love doing anything "outdoorsy" in the summertime, and this hike was filled with gorgeous and unexpected areas where you could climb cliffs to reach various swimming holes! Very fun day!

Another view of Cannon Beach, absolutely breathtaking! 

The boyfriend's family and I took another end of summer trip to Disneyland just a week after Cannon Beach, needless to say it was an amazing last two weeks of summer with the people I love the most!

More frolicking on the beach!

Too bad I was the only one to ride the roller coasters! Scaredy Cats!

Cody and I in front of some Halloween backdrop at Disney. It was so cool to be there so close to fall; there were so many awesome Halloween events!
Anyone who knows me would agree that I am overly enthusiastic. As you can see form this photo, I was having the time of my life at The Crab Shack for my 23rd birthday. I am obsessed with Crab, and I am obsessed with my birthday, haha! Very memorable time!


And this was after The Crab Shack. I had "happy hands" for most of the night!

Cody got me a Snow White ice cream cake. MAJOR brownie points for him!!!

I look like a starstruck idiot, but who wouldn't when you're taking a picture with Kno of favorite group in the whole world!
In March Cody and I flew out to New York to get my car, meet my Dad, and then we drove the entire way back. What an adventure!!

Last day with my Daddy, wahhh I miss you!!!

Cinco De Mayo..."Day Of The Dead!" No, that is not really what I meant!

For too brief of a time I had wonderful princess hair, washed all out! I was a sad princess!

I love spontaneous road trips, especially to Portland!
I dont know who any of these people are, but I thoroughly enjoyed kayaking on the ocean here with Cody, Sharri, and Kristoff. We did not get any photos, so I just hijacked this one! ;)

My SOLE reason to see visit SOLESTRUCK!

Once October hit, so did my obsession for any and all things Pumpkin!!
Oh! And VooDoo Doughnuts is a Portland staple that my tastebuds had a hard time saying goodbye to!

Alex from A Clockwork Orange, and I was a Rusulka (witch mermaid in Eastern European folklore.)
Ahhh Christmas time, the happiest time of year. No, reallllly it is! This was the first night with the tree up, cookies on the table, and Home Alone on TV. A great night with the fam! :)
Christmas Morning was absolutely wonderful, probably the best ever. This is my adorable nephew, (Cody and I aren't married, but regardless, this little munchkin is mine!)