Thursday, September 16, 2010


Sorry to have neglected my blog for so long. :( A lot has happened during the 5 month hiatus and I am filled to the brim with inspirations and ideas for what i could fill this blog with! Since fall seems to be approaching more rapidly than usual, i have been perusing the pages of fashion magazines--my favorite being Elle and Bazaar, but what is different this season is my taste in fall trends. By this time last year I was scrambling to get my hands on any and all things black with studs and plaid, but now my edgy phaze has come and gone, and although I loved that trend and had fun with it; it's time to move along to brighter horizons. So where is this new horizon, None other than the closet of Tommy HIlfiger. Now, I have always held a bit of disdain for tommy just because it was so all-american and "plain" but the new collections are fresh and re-vamped. A lot of trends this fall are more sophisticated and classic--wools, khackis, and sweaters. So, enough jabbing and here's the goods stuff: my latest inspirations!



I hope you enjoy these trends, because im pretty much salavating at the mouth over them!