Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sweating My Way To GIsele

So, my bestie just so happens to be a personal trainer, and half the time she speaks another language when it comes to fitness--the terms and workout names are completely beyond my grasp! Basically, i just try to follow her guide! Today, she literally put me through the hardest workout of my life which was everyday pie for her, meanwhile my every pore is spewing out sweat at an unthinkable rate. Gross I know! Afterwards, she advised that i eat something high on the glycemic index in addition to about 20 grams of protein as a good post workout meal. I'm not going to try to explain what that means because i will slaughter the "science" as she calls it. Here is the link to her blog which has all kinds of really good tips, advice, and knowledge--definitely check it out.​

This is her beastin!

And this is the yummy healthy dinner we had!