Thursday, December 29, 2011

More Karlie.

Every editorial or photo I have seen of Karlie Kloss lately has jsut been jaw dropping in my opinion.  Yes, she is 6 feet tall (literally) and extremely thin, but honestly, I feel like her body looks really athletic and tone.  SHe has a swimmers body-long with lean, tone muscle.  I don't think she looks grossly thin at all.  Looking at these shots makes me want to work out hardcore and get back in shape.  

If you are reading this I am going to assume you follow my blog, and therefore am aware of my obsession with Abbey Lee.  That said, I would like to mention how I have noticed the huge transformation from when Abbey first hit the scene to her emaciated and platinum blonde look that is now her trademark.  I am hoping that this isn't a trend Karlie is going to follow.  Karlie has a very athletic, all-american look that reminds me of Gisele Bundchen back in her heyday. In fact, I am going to venture out here and say that Karlie just might be my new Gisele.  See, Gisele and Karlie are very different types of models in comparison to my beloved Abbey.  Abbey is the mysterious, awkward, atypical model that is attractive and appealing because she stands out from what we are used to seeing. Karlie and Gisele possess that down-to-earth, girl next door (granted, a very gorgeous girl next door), type of look that is relatable, and therefore, appealing to most.