Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hello Dollface

I always say the 60's-90's were the best eras, but really, the 50's were pretty revolutionary.  Perhaps they were so revolutionary that looking back it seems better just to study and admire, rather than to have actually endured first hand. It's literally funny in a way to look back at all the old advertisements, especially the ones for women! They were so stereotypical and vain.  I'm not feminist, I'd actually prefer to refrain from hard labor or "men's Work" and stick to the more "womanly" role...BUTTT I like having the option there! Women were really only supposed to be beautiful and stick to their role in the household, the line was not to be crossed in any way.  
Aside from the limited roles designated to woman, I love how feminine the women dressed and behaved, (again, not necessarily something I could live with everyday) The pill box hats, the furs, the bold red lipstick--It seems very glamourous and frilly when looking back from such a modern place.  I also love old movies! Whicccch, now that I think of it, should be a topic for another blog post because I have some great ones to recommend! And if you're one of those silly people who think black and white films are stupid, then you should attempt to take a peak at at least one!