Monday, January 9, 2012

New Wild

The following "excerpt" if you will, and photos are from the new Wildfox White Label collection and Dream T's.  If you read below, you will have no question why I am obsessed with this label and the designers, Kimberly and Emily.

Once upon a time, on opposite sides of the world, two little blonde girls grew up believing in unicorns and mermaids. They danced in glitter ballet skirts and sang songs about fairies, they dreamed of being teenagers and tried on their Mothers’ high heels. These little girls spent hours, days, years, playing make-believe, dressing up their Barbies and My Little Ponies, brushing their pink and lavender hair with little plastic brushes. If they had it their way they would live in the worlds they created, in pink mansions, magical forests with pony friends,
dressed in shiny mini skirts with lavender hair and baby blue accessories. And as fate would have it, these little girls met, finally, in California where they spent their days under forts in warm summers and in magic lands that existed in the great realms of their imaginations.

The years passed and they entered Junior High together, toys were replaced by first kisses and crushes, homework and insecurities. High School brought new crowds, quarterback boyfriends, classes, cars, homecoming dances, bigger dreams, and the childish worlds they'd once created faded. But, secretly, they each carried with them the love for all things sparkly and fantastical, and after many years and wild experiences they turned 25 and started their own clothing line. They didn't know if they would succeed, but they still strongly believed in their dreams and imaginations, and the power to make things come to life.

Spring 2012 White Label is a reflection of the girl's childhood fantasies, a grown up fairy tale decked with pastels, sparkles, mini dresses and 80's nostalgia. My little pony, Care Bears and Rainbow Bright are brought to life in this
collection with pastel hair, dreamy knits, creamy lace, fringe and dungarees.
As 28 year old women, we might not be able to play with Barbies and Rainbow Brite, or create fantasy worlds in plastic castles on the floor, but we can do all those grown up things we dreamed of when we were little girls.

We can wear a lavender mini dress with flouncy sleeves and sparkling stars, we can kiss boys and run down the beach at night, we can fall asleep on the sofa with all our girlfriends watching 80's movies, we can wear high heels and have wild adventures and, if we want, we can see the world.
The things we lose are not really lost, they shaped us growing up and still exist as fairy tales waiting to come true.